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POWERLINE HARDWARE (PLH) is a world-class global provider of high quality Grounding Products. PLH has a long established tradition of excellence in the marketplace. Their size and ability, combined with their commitment to meet the different needs of their customers, has provided them with client relationships that span decades.


Copper Grounding Rods

copper grounding rod
  • Manufactured with a solid core of drawn C1010-1020 steel.
  • Copper Jacket is electronically bonded to provied a permanent union between copper and steel resulting in a corrosion resistant rod which can be driven in almost any type of soil.

Galvanized Grounding Rods

galvanized grounding rod
  • Manufactured with a solid core of AISI 1010-1020 hot rolled carbon steel.
  • The Ground Rod is cone pointed and chamfered on the end to reduce “Mushrooming” during hammer driven installation

Grounding Rod Accessories

Ground Rod Coupling Drive stud

Rod Couplings

Drive Studs


Trapp Industrial Sales Engineers have the experience and the training to help you with all of your Powerline Hardware product line applications.


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