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With an extensive catalog of flexible cables and wires, custom cables, temperature measurement tools and cable harnesses, SAB North America has all your cable needs in check. We deliver fast lead times, great customer service and the highest quality cables you can find anywhere.


Control Cable

Flexible multi-conductor control cables are for use with control on machinery, conveyors, control panels, assembly and production lines, and equipment building and processing equipment. SAB Flexing Oil Resistant Control Cables are designed to minimize downtime and save money by providing a long service. SAB Flexible Control Cables feature a tight bending radius and smaller diameters for increased versatility.


Tray and VFD Cable

From PLTC to TCER ratings to VFD ratings. SAB has a cable to meet your demands.  Our VFD cables offer a Lean version as well as a XHHW version with 1000v UL ratings. 


Continuous Flexing Cables

Manufactured from either PVC, PUR or Halogen Free jackets and offered in shielded or unshielded versions, our portfolio will have the best cable for your application.


Torsional Cables for Robots

Our torsion cables are designed for twisting applications on robotic arms, as well as other applications that require rotary motion. These cables transmit control signals or power to high-speed, heavy-duty applications such as welding robots, rotary tables and more. Advanced torsion cables are available either from stock, or to your precise requirements.



Servo Cables

Used in continuous flex and static applications, our servo motor cables come in combinations of power, signal, feedback and control configurations. These cables are ideal for applications such as cable tracks, handling equipment, pick-and-place units, gantry robots, machine tools, CNC machinery and more.


Bus and Ethernet Cables

Our flexible bus cables are designed for industrial applications that require power, sensor and data communications. We also offer a complete range of halogen-free bus cables.


Data and Sensor Cables

SAB North America offers a wide range of general-purpose data cables designed to meet or exceed the requirements of high-speed data communications.


High Temperature Cables

Our flexible silicone cables are resistant to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. They're used in foundries, glass manufacturing, steel mills and other high temperature processes.
Note: SAB's SC 500 HDTR is the only silicone cable that meets UL, CSA and CE approvals.


Halogen Free Cables

SAB halogen-free cables are used in applications where it's necessary to have insulation with low smoke generation, toxicity and corrosiveness.


Specialty Cables

SAB North America develops and produces high quality cables and wires as well as special custom cables that are particularly manufactured according to the specific needs of your individual application. If you cannot find a cable to fit your requirements in our full line product catalog, let us help construct a solution for you.


Cord Grips and Accessories

In addition to flexible cable products for automation and robotics industries, we offer an extensive inventory of high-quality cable accessories including cord grips, conduit fittings and other accessories that complement our flexible control and automation cables.

Trapp Industrial Sales provides the expertise to evaluate and solve your industrial cable and wire management needs. Please call us for a product sample, demonstration or request for quote on your next project.  

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