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Specialist in timers, counters and dedicated logic control relays SSAC has the broadest range of timers and electronic controls to meet your exacting requirements. For your unique OEM application we also offer custom designs in many form factors.


  • HVAC and Refrigeration Cycle Timers
  • Programmable and Multifunction Timers
  • Coin Counters
  • Delay-On-Break/Delay-On-Make Timers
  • Percentage Timers
  • Recycling Timers
  • Single Shot Timers
  • Plug In, Flat Pack and Cylindrical Package Styles
  • Solid State and Relay Outputs

Liquid Level Controls and Alternating Relays

  • Single and Dual Channel Level Controllers
  • Drain and Fill Options
  • Low Leakage Current
  • PC Board and Plug In Style
  • Fixed and Adjustable Time Delay
  •  Fixed and Adjustable Resistance Set Point
  • Electrodes and Probes
  • UL 353 Boiler Liquid Cut-Off Controls
  • Alternating Relays


Tower & Obstruction Lighting Controls

  • Beacon Flashers
  • Synchronous Flashing
  • Lamp and Beacon Alarm Relays
  • Photo Control (To FAA and FCC Specs)



voltage Monitors

  • Single and Three Phase Voltage Monitors
  • Fixed and Universal Voltage Options
  • Low and High Voltage
  • Phase Loss, Reversal
  • Imbalance and Sequence Options
  • Trip and Restart Delay
  • Manual and Automatic Restart Options
  • Plug In and Flat Pack Style Packages


Current Sensors, Transducers and Load Indicators

  • Over or Under Current Switches
  • Adjustable Trip Point and Delay
  • Relay or Solid State Output (PNP or NPN)
  • Transducer with 4-20 mA Linear Output
  • Visual Current Indicator (From 500 Feet)


Trapp Industrial provides specialist in timing and controls to support your design and selection needs. Please call for expert advice and application engineering. 

Trapp Industrial Sales Engineers have the experience and the training to help you with all of your SSAC product line applications. 

Please visit the “Meet our Reps” page to find your local contact.