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TK USA is the US headquarter of the Italian/German TK Group. TK USA provides industrial cables, connectors, and cable assemblies.

TK manufactures an extensive range of industrial cables, suitable for applications ranging from motion control, transportation, mining and submarine cables. Advanced technologies and a strong focus on engineering enable TK not only to develop standard cables but also design custom cables suitable for many applications and private label requirements.

Automation Cables

  • TK-F100 for static applications
  • TK-FF200 for mid range linear flexing applications
  • TK-FF300 for high performance linear flexing applications
  • TK-FF600 for torsional robotic applications


TK’s assembly facility offers industrial cable assemblies for applications ranging from robotics to automation, railroad, and medical applications. Assemblies can be made with a large range of connector options from various manufacturers to accommodate the customer requirement.


Icotronix connectors are the perfect compliment for many of the TK cables. Icotronix connectors are engineered and made in Germany to meet the toughest industrial requirements at a reasonable price.

Cable Connectors/Plug

  • New patented quick-lock system
  • M23-Power connectors
  • M23-Signal connectors
  • 360° cable shield
  • Patented cable clamp

Motor/Receptacle Connectors

  • Super compact motor connectors
  • M23 - Signal receptacle angled, rotatable
  • M23 - Power receptacle angled, rotatable

Trapp Industrial Sales Engineers have the experience and the training to help you with all of your TK USA product line applications.

Please visit the “Meet our Reps” page to find your local contact.