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Protect your firm's most valuable assets—your employees and equipment and mitigate your risk today with their complete line of electrical safety equipment. Experience, adaptability, quality and vision are the foundation of the Cementex brand of double-insulated tools and safety related products.
Aida Corporation, a US based manufacturer of electrical wiring devices operates on the promise of superior quality, innovation, competitive pricing and on-time delivery. Aida's products are manufactured with precision engineering and quality control that meet all relevant US and international standards.
Since 1937, CITEL has been keeping the world's critical networks and equipment protected from transient overvoltages. Whether a large magnitude lightning strike or the relentless barrage of switching events, Citel's surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe and operations uninterrupted.
POWERLINE HARDWARE (PLH) is a world-class global provider of high quality Grounding Products. PLH has a long established tradition of excellence in the marketplace. Their size and ability, combined with their commitment to meet the different needs of their customers, has provided them with client relationships that span decades.