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With more than 30 years of production expertise, Dinkle is one of the major global terminal block manufacturers. Their products are used in many industrial sectors such as Factory Automation, Process Automation, Power Automation, Railway transportation, New Energy and Equipment Manufacturing.

Terminal Blocks


Din Rail

These terminal blocks are mounted on TS-35/32 DIN rails. They offer a various selection of connection methods and compliment the complete range of accessories. These types of terminal blocks are ideal for industrial power distribution equipment and control panel wiring applications.

  • Screw Connection
  • Spring Clamp Connection
  • Push-in Design
  • Stud Connection
  • Busbar Terminal Block
  • Accessories
  • Marking System


PCB terminal blocks use an error-proofing design and an assortment of techniques to provide electricity or signal transmissions for a variety of industrial applications. They also comply with international certifications.

  • PCB Connector-Plug
  • PCB Connector-Socket
  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Transformer Terminal Blocks
  • Panel Feed-Through Blocks
  • Special Type Terminal Blocks
  • In tape-on-reel packing
  • Accessories


This product, that is compliant with UL1059 standards, is designed with a simple and rigid structure that is suitable for higher current and voltage applications. A wide range of pitch sizes are available, as well as terminal pins and screw designs for different applications.

  • Single Row
  • Bi-level
  • Pluggable
  • Panel Feed-Through Blocks
  • Panel Mounting
  • Wire Terminal
  • Accessories


NEMA terminal blocks adopt the screw connection design with a unique washer to assist in keeping wires stable even in a vibrating environment. This product range is specifically designed for power transmission in control panels and power distribution cabinets.

  • Panel Mounting
  • Rail Mounting
  • Accessories


Electronics & Interface




Interface Modules

The interface module offers a variety of connecter sockets to accommodate the related mating plugs. Industrial regulated connectors and pole sizes up to 100 poles are available. The connection cable for each type of connector is available in standard and customized lengths.

Industrial Relays

The Dinkle industrial relay is a pluggable type that is easy to maintain and replace. It is often used in between the control room and field equipment for safety purposes and to enlarge the output signal.

  • Industrial Relay
  • Relay Socket
  • Opto Relay
  • Slim Relay


Electronic Housings


PCB Carrier

Dinkle PCB carriers offer sizes that accommodate 42mm, 72mm and 107mm PCB widths. Products are available in single components or in sets. The length of the base plate can be cut according to the customer’s required size.

Dinkle Bus

The Dinkle Bus portfolio consists of enclosures, a bus plate and accessories. All enclosures can be mounted on the bus plate for inter-connection of signal and power. The bus plate features a grounding function that ensures undisrupted signal transmission and power safety. The patented misplacement-proofing structure and quaternary coder markers assist users to complete wiring jobs conveniently and efficiently.


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