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Connectivity is what we are all about.  The Lumberg  Automation line of connectivity products represents over 25 years of engineering excellence. When used in conjunction with our cabling and active device products you can rely on outstanding signal transmission quality and reliability.

Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

Overmolded Cordsets:
  • Micro (M12) to Micro (M12), 4-Pin D-Coded; IP67 rated
  • Micro (M12) 4-Pin D-Coded to RJ45; IP67 rated
  • RJ45 to RJ45 (in cabinet use) Patch Panel Cordsets
  • Micro (M12) 4-Pin D-Coded Panel Mount Receptacle (in a NEMA 6Pcontrol cabinet)  to RJ45; IP20/IP67 rated
  • Micro (M12) to Micro (M12), 8-Pin; IP67 rated
  • Micro (M12) to RJ45, 8-Pin; IP67/IP20 rated
  • Micro (M12) 8-Pin Panel Mount Receptacle to RJ45; IP67/IP20 rated
 Interface Modules
  • Integrates an IP67 and IP20 applications
  • Typical application: M12 cordset on one side of the I/O (mounted on a control cabinet) to a RJ45 cordset on the other side
  • Designed for harsh environments (IP67)
  • Can be directly mounted on the machine 

Fieldbus Connectivity (DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen, Interbus)

Lumberg offers the best-in-class range of network connectivity solutions for the Industrial Automation Market. Our machine mount I/O coupled with the expansion of our LioN-Link distributed I/O devices make Lumberg the customers' choice in automating factory and plant processes.

Machine Mounted I/O
  • DeviseNet
  • Profibus
  • Interbus
  • AS-Interface
  • LioN-Link


  • The LioN-Link decentralized I/O fieldbus system can create line topologies up to 100 meters in length. The system consists of bus coupler modules, which function as the interface to higher-level fieldbus systems such as Profibus, CANopen®, DeviceNet or ProfiNet, and protocol independent I/O modules.


  • Engineers only need to make minimal changes to the hardware if their end customers use different transmission protocols for the connection of systems to their communications network. Only the BusHead requires an address setting, the fieldbus independent I/O modules do not require commissioning. Module addressing and terminating resistors are not required in either link line. Both features contribute to protection against manipulation.


Cordset Connectivity Products

The connectivity suite of products from Lumberg Automation includes: Molded Cordsets, Distribution Boxes, Splitter, Panel-mount Receptacles, Field-attachable Connectors and DIN Valve Connectors

Mini Connectors

  • Includes thread sizes 7/8”, 1” and 1 1/8”
  • Because of their AWG rating, they are often used in power applications that have high current requirements or in sensor, light curtain and communications applications

Micro Connectors

Micro (M12) Connectors
  • Includes thread size 12mm (M12), the most popular size
  • Widely used with proximity and photoelectric sensors

Micro (1/2-20) Connectors
  • Includes thread size 12mm (M12) with a dual keyway
  • Used for applications requiring alternating current (AC)
  • Also used with proximity and photoelectric sensors

Pico (M8) Connectors

  • Includes thread size 8mm (M8)
  • Based upon a European standard that has migrated to the U.S., this connector is exclusively used with proximity and photoelectric sensors in applications that require light weights and small size

DIN Valve Connectors

  • DIN Valve Connectors are commonly used with solenoids that control valves in hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Other applications include use with pressure switches, optical switches and limit switches

Trapp Industrial Sales offers experience with meeting  connectivity needs.  We  can support fieldbus networking  projects and develop a costeffective  systems, saving installation time and commissioning.

Trapp Industrial Sales Engineers have the experience and the training to help you with all of your Lumberg Automation  product line applications.

Please visit the “Meet our Reps” page to find your local contact.