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Machine Guarding and Safety

Today’s increased emphasis on workers safety issues is evident in the OSHA guidelines, more stringent ANSI standards and the mandatory requirements of the European Machine Directive.  Schmersal is a worldwide leader in Machine Guarding and Safety Products offering a broad range of electromechanical and electronic products to meet the new and emerging safety requirements.
Protect your firm's most valuable assets—your employees and equipment and mitigate your risk today with their complete line of electrical safety equipment. Experience, adaptability, quality and vision are the foundation of the Cementex brand of double-insulated tools and safety related products.
In 1995 Bihl+Wiedemann was the first company to receive a certificate from AS-International for their AS-i Master. The Master is now used as a reference for the certification for AS-i slaves. Other milestones in the company's history include the introduction of the first AS-i Master for specification 3.0, the release of the first AS-i Master in a stainless steel housing with expanded diagnostic functions (2004), and the membership in AS-Interface's Safety Consortium (2005). Since then Bihl+Wiedemann is among the top names in the field of safety technology using AS-i Safety at Work.
Since 1937, CITEL has been keeping the world's critical networks and equipment protected from transient overvoltages. Whether a large magnitude lightning strike or the relentless barrage of switching events, Citel's surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe and operations uninterrupted.