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Turning Workplaces into Safe Places

Today’s increased emphasis on workers safety issues is evident in the OSHA guidelines, more stringent ANSI standards and the mandatory requirements of the European Machine Directive.  Schmersal is a worldwide leader in Machine Guarding and Safety Products offering a broad range of electromechanical and electronic products to meet the new and emerging safety requirements. Worker Safety Is Our Only Business!

Point Of Operation Guarding

SCHMERSAL offers more than 300 different safety components for protecting workers from point-of-operation hazards.  Each of these tamper-resistant interlock switches/sensors is third-party tested to assure conformity to all relevant directives

  •   Keyed Interlock Switches
  •   Solenoid – Latching Interlock Switches
  •   Non Contact Safety Switches
  •   PLe- Daisey chainable switches
  •   Safety Rated limit switches
  •   Emergency cable Pull Switches

Perimeter Guarding

A virtual safety guard in the form of a light curtain is a perfect solution offering both optimal protection and uninterrupted production process.  Schmersal’s light curtain are made from a full four sided extrusion for the toughest light curtain around.

  •   Safety Light Curtains (14,30, 50,80 – caterory 2 and 4)
  •   IP 69K Light Curtains
  •   Muting Light Curtains
  •   Individual Light Beams
  •   Safety Pressure Mats

Safety Controllers and Relays

Since electronics / mechanical failure is always possible safety controllers are used to detect faults and insure system reliability.

  • Matched Relay Functions for Optimal Control
  • Controllers for electromechanical and non-contact switches, light curtains and pressure mats
  • Detection of welded interlock or e-stop, open or short circuits and motor contactor failure
  • Status Diagnostic communication options via Devisenet, Ethernet IP, Profibus ...ect.


As the leader in Machine Guarding products we offer trained safety professions to support your quest for improved worker safety.  We offer certified safety professionals for training and application assistance

  • Machine Guarding Seminar’s for Your Plant Staff
  • Certified Safety Evaluations for your Plant Equipment
  • CE Certification of Equipment
  • Training on ISO 13849-1
  • OSHA Awarness Training
  • Application Assistance
  • Assistance with the New RIA15.06

Trapp Industrial Sales provide trained field sales engineers to support your Machine Guarding and Worker Safety Applications.  Armed with in-depth knowledge of the latest standards we will help you find the right solution to comply with the increasingly complex safety standards.  Call us to arrange for a seminar or a review of your safety application.

Trapp Industrial Sales Engineers have the experience and the training to help you with all of your Schmersal product line applications.

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