Centrally located in Cincinnati,OH, the Crohm team has over 75 years of experience selling, designing and manufacturing resistors for any application.
Sprecher + Schuh / Auer Signal offer a wide range of low voltage industrial control products designed to exceed industry standards.  Founded in 1903 by two Swiss engineers S+S continues to produce innovative control products to provide you quality, reliability and a name you can trust.
MAG Power & Control offers a wide selection of Industrial Control Transformers to meet your needs. MPC transformers are used with a wide variety of electromagnetic devices, such as relays, solenoids, motor starters, control panels and contractors.
BLOCK successfully supplies international markets with Transformers, reactors, EMC filters and switched mode Power supplies. From coiled goods, right up to electronic switched mode Power supplies, software development and cast resin optimization, our company’s genes flow into every single wire. .
Since 1937, CITEL has been keeping the world's critical networks and equipment protected from transient overvoltages. Whether a large magnitude lightning strike or the relentless barrage of switching events, Citel's surge protectors keep sensitive electronics safe and operations uninterrupted.
With more than 30 years of production expertise, Dinkle is one of the major global terminal block manufacturers. Their products are used in many industrial sectors such as Factory Automation, Process Automation, Power Automation, Railway transportation, New Energy and Equipment Manufacturing.
TK manufactures an extensive range of industrial cables, suitable for applications ranging from motion control, transportation, mining and submarine cables. Advanced technologies and a strong focus on engineering enable TK not only to develop standard cables but also design custom cables suitable for many applications and private label requirements.